Eyelashes are a great addition for your big day, a special occasion or just because you feel like it!


Party lashes - These are temporary and usually last over night or a few days depending on the type of glue used.  I prefer individual lashes because they look more natural and you cannot feel you are wearing them.  Alternatively, 3/4 strip lashes are also good if you are not used to wearing a full strip lash.


Spray Tanning

Achieving a natural looking tan

I believe the art of fake tanning is to keep the tone of the tan to a level of which your skin would tan naturally.  Those who wish to go darker are usually olive in skin tone, but  I do not really recommend this for people with very pink or pale skin tones.


10 % DHA - This is the strength which works on all skin tones to achieve a natural looking tan.  The spray can be adjusted for very fair complexions and the tan will develop in accordance with the amount of melanin in your skin.  You always find that people who are more olive in tone will go slightly darker


13 % DHA - This strength is good for darker, more olive skin tones and will achieve a beautifully rich, deep tan.


I do not stock any tans higher in DHA because of the potential of looking orange


Pale skin after tanning